2. METviewer Release Information

2.1. METviewer Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: https://github.com/dtcenter/METviewer/issues

2.1.1. Version v5.1.0 release notes (20230731)

New Features
  • New Dockerfile that creates a single image with database and METviewer in it. Can be used to create a Singularity image (#446)

  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4 (#449)

  • Fixed an error during uploading a reliability diagram XML to GUI (#464)

  • error during printing log messages for batch jobs (#484)

  • Remove Couchbase code (#479)

  • Record the username of the user associated with the batch/scorecard run (#22)

  • The user ID will be added to the log files (#48)

  • Record a time stamp indicating when the event occurred (#11)

  • Testing the bug fix in MEtplotpy

  • Change the version number for scipy to 1.11.1

2.1.2. Version v5.0.1 release notes (20230130)

New Features




  • Add nco_requirements.txt file. Update Dockerfile to use NCO-approved Python packages (#448)



2.1.3. Version v5.0.0 release notes (20221209)

New Features
  • Allow line plots start from y=0 line (#390)

  • Added Revision series for line and box plots (#394)

  • Plot new VCNT statistics: VCNT_ANOM_CORR and VCNT_ANOM_CORR_UNCNTR (#403)

  • Plot the new ECNT statistics: SPREAD_MD, MAE, MAE_OERR, BIAS_RATIO, ME_GE_OBS, and ME_LT_OBS (#434)

  • Plot new SEEPS and SEEPS_MPR statistics (#422)

  • Plot new CRPS_EMP_FAIR stat (#421)

  • Python implementation of the scorecard summary method (#393)

  • Move mv_mysql.sql from METviewer to METdataio (#371)

  • Add fcst_lead offset calculation to scorecard (#404)

  • Increase the maximum limit of the uploaded XML (#425)

  • Return bad status from mv_load.sh if the loading step fails (#414)

  • Include all field values into the resulting scorecard (#395)

  • Fix incorrect order of fcst_var_vals in yaml config file to plot multiple fields/statistics (#413)

  • Fix MTD loader bug that did not include the last fcst_lead into the revision series data (#423)

  • Fix loading ROC XML into the UI (#428)

  • New testing procedure (#391)

  • Rename METdatadb to METdataio (#406)

  • Create checksum for released code (#417)

  • Move release notes into its own chapter (#427)

  • Fix warnings in Github Actions (#426)

  • Create checksum for release code (#412)

2.2. METviewer Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade instructions will be listed here if they are applicable for this release.